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BIOTIN + plus

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Lick block with BIOTIN and vitamin E
BIOTIN+ mineral lick ideally supplements the daily nutrition with salt, trace elements and biotin.
Biotin has a positive effect regarding to the structure and resilience of hooves and hair, which is scientifically proven. Biotin promotes the formation of keratin and thus the formation of horn can be supported. The strength of the hoof horn can be significantly improved.
The basic ingredient of BIOTIN+ mineral lick is very high- quality Mediterranean Sea salt with natural iodine enriched with trace elements, vitamin E and biotin. BIOTIN+ lick block is unique with its high-quality combination of active ingredients.
Effects + benefits:
• Biotin for hoof health and high fur quality • Strengthens the immune system
• Improved skin health
• For cows: protection against mastitis
• Improves milk quality and milk production

Mineral feed for horses, cattle, sheep, goats and deer.

We recommend to use plastic holder for safe feeding of salt licks.

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BIOTIN + plus


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