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HayLo Feeder

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The HayLo Feeder simulates natural grazing, allowing your horse to eat little & often from a naturally low head position, while also keeping the forage contained, eliminating all waste Saving you Time & Money.

Simulating Natural Grazing will have a positive overall effect on both your horse’s health & performance by helping to remove the stress & boredom caused by Incorrect feeding techniques which have been Proven to contribute to the many
PHYSICAL PROBLEMS- Obesity/Dental problems/Back Pain/Muscular Strain
& Pain/Lameness;
MEDICAL PROBLEMS- Ulcers/Laminitis/Colic/Choke/COPD/Cushings/EMS;
BEHAVIOURAL PROBLEMS- Cribbing/Weaving/Boxwalking/Woodchewing/Feed aggression;
that can negatively impact on your horses health & performance and cost money.

Benefits of Eating from a Naturally Low Head Position


The HayLo feeder insures that the horse’s body is in correct alignment while eating, preventing the build-up of tension in the muscles of the jaw, neck and back which over time can lead to discomfort, pain and lameness.

When the body of the horse is correctly aligned it is free from physical tension and stress. It has been Proven by Equine Dentists, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors & Vets that eating regularly from an unnatural and elevated position, such as from a haynet or hay rack, can cause the horse to become misaligned due to unnatural jaw action, twisting of the neck, tightening of muscles, hollowing of the back, and strain being placed on the hocks.
Misalignment causes discomfort and pain, affecting both the horse’s performance when ridden and also their temperament.

Allowing the horse to eat with its head in the correct & naturally low position insures the muscles of the jaw, neck and back are relaxed, and the hind legs are placed correctly underneath their body, insuring for an even distribution of weight on all four legs. Correct jaw alignment can help prevent dental problems such as uneven waring patterns, hooks and sharpness which can all contribute to discomfort in the mouth, affecting acceptance of the bit & cause ridden problems.

A low head position also allows for natural drainage of the Sinuses, and the ability to soak hay in the HayLo Feeder and the dropping of dusts and seeds to the floor where they cannot be accessed by the horse, will greatly help with horses suffering with COPD.

Why not feed off the floor…

In the stable

Feeding directly off the floor creates waste, and waste costs time & money. Horses will invariably walk their forage through their bedding as they follow their natural instinct to eat on the move- hay gets mixed within the bedding and/or soiled upon- wasting hay, wasting bedding and increasing mucking out time. There is also an added risk of ingestion of parasites and bedding.

Out doors

Forage gets blown away by the wind and/or trampled into the mud in winter and can increase the risk of sand colic if fed on a sandy paddock/arena over time.

The HayLo Feeder contains the forage eliminating ALL waste - the design of the feeding holes within the grill satisfies the natural foraging instinct as with grazing, allowing the horse to search for, rip, chew and swallow each mouthful that they extract.

Benefits of Trickle Feeding- The Little & Often Rule

The HayLo Feeder allows you horse to eat little & often as they were designed to do by nature in order to support a healthy digestive system. Providing a steady stream of available forage that is correctly chewed in order to pass efficiently through its system, will help to eliminate many digestive disorder like Gastric Ulcers, Choke & Colic and also to help with maintaining your horse at is correct weight in order to help prevent Laminitis, Cushings & EMS.

Horses don’t eat to be full- they eat not to be hungry, and are designed to eat small amounts up to 18hrs a day in order to keep them in optimum digestive health. Painful Stomach Ulcers, formed due to gastric acid splash on the sensitive upper membrane of the stomach, can have a hugely negative impact on temperament & performance, and are a Proven cause of horses being left for long periods without food, and /or being fed a high percentage diet of concentrated cereal based food and not enough forage. The horses digestive system is not designed to process a highly concentrated cereal diet and its inability to properly break down cereals mean they pass through the stomach relatively quickly remain only partly digested and can compact in the hind gut.

The digestive system is designed to break down forage, slowly and efficiently. The stomach continuously produces acid in anticipation of receiving and digesting forage, and in an empty stomach this acid can splash, especially during exercise, and begin to burn.
The horse can only produce the alkaline based saliva, which has a buffering effect on stomach acid, when he is chewing.

By feeding from the HayLo feeder, the natural searching instinct is satisfied via the feeding holes, and so the horse naturally slows down as he would when grazing, chewing every mouthful, mixing enough saliva with the forage enabling it to be correctly digested, greatly helping with preventing Colic and Choke.

There is also a train of thought that horses who continuously chew on wood do so in an
effort to produce saliva in order to buffer stomach acid when there is no forage available, and so providing a steady stream of forage can help with preventing this vice.

While there are many contributing factors to Obesity, starving the horse to remove the weight has been proven to have an adverse effect, as the metabolic system
simply slows down and the horse retains the weight, and studies carried out have Proven that horses left with a continuous supply of forage will over time naturally self regulate and lose weight.The root cause of Laminitis, Cushings & EMS, can be directly contributed to problems within the digestive tract. 

Stress & the Boredom Factor

Boredom can be attributed to a lack of stimulation,and deeper again,to the inability to follow the natural instinct of continuous movement and foraging for grazing. For stable kept horses, the day can be long and helping to minimise boredom & stress can have an extremely positive effect on the horses overall temperament, attitude and physicality.

Providing a steady stream of forage that the horse can pick away at, can go a long way towards relaxing their mind and body as they follow the natural instinct of the wild to continuously forage and chew.

Mind & Body are interlinked- The HayLo Feeder can help with aligning your horses feeding routine as closely to that as designed by nature, going a long way towards insuring your horse’s optimum health.

Product Specification

  • Height 63 cm, width: 65 cm
  • Weight approx.: 10 kg when empty
  • Forage capacity approx: 6.5kg dry hay from a round bale/8.5kg from a sectioned bale 10kg haylage from a round bale/12kg from a vacuum packed bale
  • Plastic: HDPE
  • Lockable rim to insure feeding grill cannot come out when in use
  • Feeding grill with interchangeable discs of hole sizes 90mm (70 mm also available, please inform)
  • Water tight bung for soaking & draining hay/draining of rain water
  • 4 moulded fixing points to insure stability and remain vertical as horse eats
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Temperature tolerance scale -18°C to +30°C
  • UV 3 Rating

Review from horse and hounds magazine about different haynets and slow feeders to extend eating time

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HayLo Feeder


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