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Horseware Amigo CamoFly

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Product description

The Horseware Amigo® CamoFly Fly Sheet (0g Lite) is the result of our extensive research into fly deterrents and is inspired by the wild zebra's natural camouflage. Designed to hinder and confuse flies from landing on your horse, we have combined innovation and colour technology for a fly rug that delivers lightweight, breathable fly and UV protection.

Our monochromatic pattern with layered black lines on a grey background act to create an optical illusion in the eye of a fly. The pattern breaks up the horse's shape so that insects struggle to identify the horse as a target and cannot figure out where to land, giving relief from the annoying bugs and flies that plague your horse during turnout.

The Horseware Amigo® CamoFly Fly Sheet includes a lightweight disc front closure offers a secure, comfortable fastening and three straight surcingles give an adjustable snug fit.

A stylish and practical fly sheet for horse owners keen to beat the bugs!


Washing instructions

  • Ensure all velcro is closed and clips/straps are attached prior to washing.
  • Line Dry Only / Air dry only away from a heat source.


Storage instructions

  • Once dry, fold neatly into a breathable storage bag.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from any moisture or damp areas, avoiding excessive heat and UV exposure.
  • Your turnout packaging can be used as an excellent bag for multiple purposes such as an equestrian gear bag.
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Horseware Amigo CamoFly


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