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Lick block with zinc, iron, cobalt and selenium
Zinc deficiency is quite a common problem in horses and can be the cause of e.g. dull coat and brittle hoof horn. If there is too little zinc in the organism, toxins can’t be bound and remain in the body. Due to the special combination of zinc, cobalt and selenium, ZINCOBLOCK mineral lick is suitable for the prevention of metabolic disorders, skin and coat problems, brittle hoof horn, muscle diseases and fertility problems.
ZINCOBLOCK can be used in an ecological production according to EG-organic farming regulation 889/2008 + 848/2018 VO (EG).
Effects + benefits:
• Healthy growth of hoof, horn and coat
• Increases fertility
• Stronger immune system, e.g. against fungal disease
• Improvement of the general well-being
• Supports the natural detoxification process of the animals

Analytical ingredients:
38% sodium (Na), 0,30% calcium (Ca)

sodium chloride, calcium carbonate, molasses (0,2%)

Nutritional Additives / kg:
9000mg zinc (oxide) (3b603), 1400mg iron (sulphate monohydrate (II)) (3b103), 400mg cobalt (coated granulated cobalt (II) carbonate) (3b304), 20mg selenium (coated granulated sodium selenite) (3b802)

Mineral feed for horses, cattle, sheep, goats and deer

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