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Equilibrium Massage Pad Heatsense

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Product description

Achieve ultimate relaxation with comforting heat and massage.

Combining reliable, tested and intelligent heat with proven massage*, the NEW Heatsense is a great addition to your horses’ daily routine to maintain good back health.

  • The choice is yours – pick from heat and three intensities of massage.
  • Choose heat alone or massage alone or have them both on together! Whatever suits your horse.
  • Reliable, tested therapeutic heat output with sensors to turn off/on depending on your horse’s temperature.
  • Heat targeted to the most common areas of weakness.
  • 6 Massage motors evenly distributed across the pad.
  • Fits into your daily routine with a 30-minute programme.
  • Shaped to follow the contours of the horses back with 90cm coverage from withers to quarters.
  • Battery operated to take it with you wherever you go.
  • Covered by a 2-year guarantee.
  • Contains 1 x Massage Pad Heatsense, 1 x Storage Bag, 1 x Equilibrium Heatsense Battery, 1 x Equilibrium Heatsense Charger.

Heatsense is available in one size designed to fit horses 144cm and upwards.

*Based on the popular Equilibrium Massage Pad clinically proven to improve back flexibility and promote relaxation tested at Myerscough College, 2007.

What inspired the Massage Pad Heatsense for horses?

With the Massage range already helping horses worldwide, it seemed only natural to add the next best thing – heat! Heat that is reliable, tested and targeted to reach safe recommended therapeutic temperatures (42 degrees Celsius).

How can Massage and Heat benefit horses?

Our horses work hard for us with a lot of pressure being put onto their muscles through exercise. Massage and heat are two simple ways in which we can help support healthy muscle function in our horse.


Performance depends on freedom of movement, full flexibility, and an absence of musculoskeletal pain, all of which can be improved using massage (Gellman, 1998).

Benefits of Massage include:

• Helps maintain healthy blood and lymph circulation.
• Preparing muscles for exercise.
• Soothes tired muscles.
• Supports recovery after exercise.
• Promotes relaxation.


• Heat is non-invasive, gentle, and well accepted with many associated benefits, including:
• Maintaining good oxygen supply to muscles.
• Encouraging muscle relaxation.
• Increasing flexibility and elasticity of tissue.

Using heat is a great way to help sensitive horses who may find massage too much. Research suggests that tissue temperature needs to increase by at least 3 to 5°C from the resting temperature (Bockstahler et al, 2004). Amongst many other sources, AAEVT’s Equine Manual for Veterinary Technicians by Martha Mallicote from University of Florida, et al states: ‘Applying heat at temperatures of 40-45°C for 15-30 minutes results in vasodilation, increasing blood flow.’



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Equilibrium Massage Pad Heatsense


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