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Product description

Nettex Muddy Marvel Barrier Cream is a breathable and highly effective waterproof barrier that provides antibacterial protection against wet and muddy conditions. This advanced formula will moisturise and maintain elasticity of the skin to prevent drying and cracking and chapping of the skin.

- A breathable and highly effective waterproof barrier cream.
- Contains antibacterial agents to help against wet and muddy conditions.
- Use regularly to protect skin from wet and muddy conditions.
- Can be applied to any area that needs to be protected.
- One application lasts 7 days.

Directions for use:
Ensure legs are clean and dry, massage Muddy Marvel Barrier Cream onto the legs and around fetlocks and pastern and allow to absorb before turning horse or pony out. When a build-up of mud occurs on the legs, simply wipe away with a clean dry cloth and reapply. For optimum results apply twice a week for the first two weeks reducing to once a week thereafter.
Always patch test an area first and wait 48 hours. If a reaction occurs stop use immediately.

Key Ingredients:
Petroleum Jelly, Silicone, Chlorhexidine, Lanolin, Calendula, Cetaryl Ethythexenode, Tea Tree Oil.

Made in UK

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