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Sweet Lick Himalaya

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Product description

Ideal to supplement salt and to prevent boredom, 100% pure source of salt and extremely hard.

Feed material for horses.

Sweet Lick Himalaya
comes form the beautiful Himalaya mountains and contains pure Himalayan rock salt full of minerals and trace elements.

Sweet Lick Himalaya are untreated pure natural salt licks, which makes it extremely hard. This means the horse can not easily bite it.
Sweet Lick Himalaya is economical in use. Ideal to prevent boredom while providing salt.

The ideal salt lick from the beautiful Himalaya mountains. To provide salt while playing.

Advantages in short:

  • Premium quality salt
  • Gunpowder free
  • Washed under high pressure
  • Suitable for the Sweet Lick Holder
  • GMP+ FSA assured

Sweet Lick Himalaya is produced from Himalayan rock salt that has been extracted, processed and packaged at its source to retain its natural freshness, aroma and taste. This allows us to offer you a product that is fresh from the mine to your stable. Moreover, this product is GMP+ FSA assured and and meets all quality requirements for optimum health of the horse.

Feed instruction
1 Sweet Lick Himalaya per horse.
Always provide sufficient fresh drinking water. 


Store dry.

1 kg

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Sweet Lick Himalaya


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